This client is a friend of project no 3.  

He fell in love with the sleepers and had the same designer to do a plan for his garden

     The client also wanted a low maintenance garden, and for evergreen foliage plants to give colour,   rather than flowers

The garden was built in two stages, the first was with a water feature and no fish, he then got the Koi keeping bug and wanted a Koi pond, which we built some time later.


A raised decking area was built in the right-hand corner, as this part of the garden catches the late afternoon sun


This sideway was overgrown before work began and was unusable                           The water feature                                            

The view down the sideway to a fenced off utility area


Raised beds made from sleepers, the plants were chosen to give foliage colour all year round.

Looking up the left-hand side of the garden to where the second stage of the work was to be done


                            Digging out to pond and filter                                     Pond dug out and ready for the bottom drain to be installed


 Bottom drain installed in pond, then lined with a Butyl liner               Pond on completion, new turf was laid shortly afterwards


                           Shortly after completion                                              An urn was used as a feature to return the water to the pond